Saturday, October 1, 2016

Adios AK!

Adios Alaska!

Wow. The past week has flown by. I’m sitting at the airport now; I got through TSA with no trouble. My bike was packaged in a box that I saved for over a year, for reasons I don’t know, but it worked out perfectly. It was hard to tear that thing apart and stuff it in a box. I packaged it as best I could, but geez, I won’t breathe easy until its assembled in San Diego.
            I ended up getting a ride from Jen and Dillon Hales, some friends from Talkeetna. They exchanged me for their grandma. What a deal! We made it in perfect time, as it started raining about 10 minutes before the airport. I’m really glad my box didn’t melt.
            Sitting here, the disbelief still hasn’t faded. I’m about to be on my own, in a new environment, and it’s going to be a really hot one. I would describe my feelings as: Anxious, excited, curious, and a bit rigid. I’m just preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best.
 I got a bit wrapped up in finishing a short film I produced last night, and slightly neglected a few chores that needed to be done before my departure. The result was a long day of rushing and some frantic packing. In my haste to make the appointment for my ride to Anchorage, I’m guessing that I forgot something. That’s usually how it goes, right? At this point there’s nothing I can do about it.
Good news on the Charity front! I had 3 cash donors in the past week. I haven’t looked at the Gofundme page today, but last time I checked, it was at $480.With the donations that came in this week, we’re now sitting at $910! Heck yes! That’s almost four bikes. The goal of $2500 is really in sight now, and that’s really exciting.
I’m probably going to scale down  the promoting  a bit this week. I really need to get my bearings, as well as get in the routine of life on the road. This trip is not just opportunity to raise money. It’s also a chance for me to relax. It’s been a busy summer, and now it’s time for me to get my own mind right, look inward, and reflect on who I’ve been and who I want to be.
I like to look back in my journals and see what goals I’ve accomplished. I also think it’s important to set new short term goals frequently, and re-evaluate the long-term ones. My life changes by the month, as does my attitude, so there’s no reason to reach for a goal I’m not passionate about anymore. Life’s too short to do things half-way, without heart.
            Well, I have about 1.5 hours before my flight leaves. I’m going to get off this thing and read a little bit of my new novel I just started, the classic sci-fi masterpiece, Dune! Stay tuned for my next update in a few days. Hopefully I can keep up with the Vlog. I’m predicting that I’ll be about three days to a week behind. I have to shoot the video, edit it, and find wifi to upload each video, so it’s going to be a logistic that I’m constantly dealing with. I’ll figure it out though.

Florida or Bust!


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